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TecBrake manufactures engine brakes for Cummins, Catepillar and Mack engines. We have service kits and replacement components for the most popular engine brake models in use today.

While TecBrake designs may look the same as others, there are important differences. The best of previous engine brake designs have been incorporated into each TecBrake model, assuring a proper engine match and reliable performance for many extra miles.

Add up the benefits:

1. Safer Driving - Using your engine brake keeps your service brakes cool. This means less chance of service brake fade, so you have full stopping capability when you need it.

2. Lower Operating Costs - Reduced service brake wear means less service brake wear, reducing maintenance and downtime.

3. Reduced Tire Wear - Smooth engine brake retardation eliminates tire hop and lock up problems.

4. Reduced Trip Time - You can maintain higher downhill speeds safely (without continuous use of service brakes).

5. Higher Resale Value - Your vehicle maintains a higher resale value with an engine brake system installed.

Contact us today about your engine brake needs.

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